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Kitten says very interesting and novel things quite often, but I just don't write them down. She was moving stickers around on a drawing she made and they were getting stuck on top of each other. She started whining (because she talks in a whine!) that she couldn't get them 'tranquil". We had some difficulties figuring out what she meant (we were in the car). We finally got it that she meant she couldn't get them unstuck from each other. "Laisse-moi tranquil" means "leave me alone". So she was saying that she wanted one sticker to leave the other sticker alone. It was an interestingly animated way of phrasing it.

She calls peanut butter 'peanup'. Both of the girls pronounce 'ter' strangely; they say 'ler', so butter sounds like bu-ler (with a stop before the 'l'). I don't think that I pronounce things that way, but maybe I do. They also say da-ly for daddy. I try to correct them, but they go right back to it afterward.

I just ordered some DVDs for them, so hopefully they will get even more English exposure. They love watching The Little Princess, but I don't really know why. I absolutely hate the princess's accent and I hate the way she is always in a white nightgown and barefoot.

They are loving:


*blink* I remember (vaguely) Tikki Tikki Tembo. Seeing the picture evoked the feeling of a memory I can't pull into focus.

This book is on our list of enjoyable reads right now for Isabel. It has the benefit of being a book both Michelle and I enjoy reading.

I've seen some of those, but I just haven't taken the plunge. It's so constraining to have to buy books online. If I could just hold the book and thumb through it, I would be able to make up my mind in a second, but instead, I have to pour through reviews and take a risk.

Isn't it funny how it's hard to find books that YOU like to read to your kid? There are so many books that I just dread to read. But for the moment, I like Tikki Tikki Tembo.

We got some book coupons from work (worth 120 euros!), so I actually took my kids to the bookstore and let them pick out books. I know I should do this more often, but I just hate having French books around. But then again, if we end up moving to the States, I'll be buying all the French books I can get before we go.

The girls taped pictures of themselves in the Counting Colors book and they just love for me to ask them to "find one Ashton" or "find one Daphne".
I can't help but think that authors of children's books are shooting themselves in the foot when the book cannot withstand multiple readings by an adult. That's what make most anime films successful - the dialog and stories work for both the little kids and the big kids in the audience.
er, change "anime films" to "animated films" like Toy Story and such. "Anime films", which really references movies from Japan's animation scene, do not quite fit what I was describing. :)

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